How to Tell if You’re Buying the Best Bed in a Box

Numerous online mattress merchants now compress but also roll their mattresses using tall carton boxes or bags only in order to rapidly send them to clients in the U. S. and elsewhere. Here is a list of things to look for to help you get the most excellent mattress inside a box for your bedroom taken from

Shipping Regulations

Most mattresses inside a box ship for free to consumers in the United States. Some manufacturers charge a fixed cost to ship to Alaska and Hawaii. If you want expedited shipping or even just overnight delivery, you will have to pay an additional fee. Some companies provide white glove delivery for an additional fee (usually approximately $100). White glove delivery implies that the mattress will be taken into your house, unboxed and unwrapped, rather than being left at your door. If you like, they will also remove your old mattress but mostly dispose of it. The majority of mattresses are dispatched within two weeks after your purchase.


One of the numerous advantages of purchasing a mattress online is the chance to check it out and return it. By bed-in-a-box manufacturers, these are typically referred to as “sleep trials”; they are typically relatively simple to discover on the brand’s website. Indeed, the current standard is indeed a 100-night trial. However, because breaking inside a mattress takes time, some businesses may require you to keep it for at least 30 days.

Most returns remain free and don’t bother about stuffing the mattress back inside the box. Within your trial time, someone will typically visit your house and replace the mattress and manage the return for you. Occasionally, the business will ask you to donate the mattresses and provide you a refund upon receipt of evidence of donation. Unfortunately, returns after your sleep trial has ended, are unlikely to result in a complete refund, much alone a partial one. Except if the mattress is damaged, you will most likely be stuck with your current bed until you become ready to purchase a new one.


In a nutshell, warranties cover against mattress flaws. Most internet mattresses come with extensive warranties ranging from ten years to a lifetime. This implies that if a mattress stops working or becomes damaged within the guarantee term, the business will replace it. Sinking/sagging, permanent imprints, components being broken or even damaged, or faults that existed when you bought the mattress are the most typical types of coverage.

There is a similar, if not larger, list of items that are not covered under your warranty. These listings are generally easily accessible on the brand’s website. Sometimes warranties are annualized, which means you are completely protected for a certain period of time, but as the years pass, the number of items covered or the cost at and that they are able to replace falls. Other warranties just expire after a certain number of years. One last thing to keep in mind concerning mattress warranties is that they are only valid for the original owner. This implies that if you purchase a mattress from a shady retailer, you will lose any guarantee that was previously associated with the product.