Hello, World! Dinosaurs

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Learn from home and explore the world with these fun and easy board books!

All young children love dinosaurs. Here’s a Hello, World! board book that teaches toddlers all about Triceratops, Stegosaurus, T-rex, and many more—with colors, shapes, sizes, and super-simple facts.
Hello, World! is a series designed to introduce first nonfiction concepts to babies and toddlers. Told in clear and easy terms (“T. rex’s arms were very small, even though its body was large”) and featuring bright, cheerful illustrations, Hello, World! makes learning fun for young children. And each sturdy page offers helpful prompts for engaging with your child. It’s a perfect way to bring science and nature into the busy world of a toddler, where learning never stops. 
Look for all the books in the Hello, World! series: 
•Solar Sytem
•Backyard Bugs
•My Body
•How Do Apples Grow?
•Ocean Life
•Moon Landing
•Arctic Animals
•Construction Site
•Rainforest Animals
•Planet Earth 

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Give your little one a head start on learning:

Let’s take a trip to the North Pole!

What amazing insects can you find near your house?

Learn all about our feathered friends!

Crunch, clang, boom! What are these big machines building?

Go back in time to see T. Rex and more!

Open up a world of super-simple facts and new ideas:

Learn about apples, from seed, to sapling, to tree!

A tale of American bravery and teamwork.

Head, shoulder, knees, toes. How does your body work?

Dive with incredible underwater creatures!

Learn how to be the best animal friend ever!

There’s a book for every interest in Hello, World!

Discover Earth’s place in space!

Take a trip deep into the rainforest!

Crawling snakes, incredible lizards, and so much more!

Do you know all the planets in the solar system?

What is the weather like today?

Four favorite books equal one great gift!


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